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New version of FieldVisits app now in the PlayStore

November 24, 2022

A new version of our FieldVisits app to efficiently perform in-field measurements is now in the PlayStore.

Use during on-site monitoring and calibration site visits to save time.

New functions ready for your use upon download

  • File transfer protocol secure (FTPS) is now supported for easy uploading and downloading of site tours.
  • The station name is now displayed on the map.
  • When saving tours, the date and time is appended to the file name.
  • Attributes can now be shown and hidden in the FieldVisits form.
  • Within the forms, sections can be collapsed / expanded as needed.
  • The FieldVisits form now also shows you maintenance information from the WISKI data management system.

These new functions complement existing functions such as individual configuration, use of QR codes, or GPS to identify measurement points, the addition of photos and configurable thresholds.

Discover the latest version now directly via PlayStore.