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Rainfall Measurement

Discover why our tipping bucket rain gauges are the global standard in TBRG technology, delivering rainfall data you can depend on.

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KISTERS | HyQuest Solutions TB series of tipping bucket rain gauges

Combining brilliant design, reliability,

ultra-low maintenance

and exceptionally long life in the field.

Our tipping bucket rain gauges

continue to exceed customer expectations.

photo of TB3 tipping bucket rain gauge with close-up photos of key features: flow control mechanism, non-clogging finger filter, teflon tipping bucket

Global standards beyond the average tipping bucket

Chosen by local, state & federal agencies worldwide, the TB3 and TB4 redefine reliability in rainfall measurement.

Experience unparalleled durability with 30 years of field life, long-term stable calibration and reduced field maintenance.

Exceptional accuracy across multiple rainfall intensities ensures unwavering data confidence.

Why settle for less accuracy and precision?

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Think all tipping bucket rain gauges are alike?

Both the TB3 and TB4 models feature an advanced flow control mechanism to ensure ± 2% accuracy at rainfall intensities up to 10 in/hr and ± 3% accuracy all the way up to 20 in/hr.

When combined with our vertical finger filter, ultra durable sapphire pivots, and dual reed switches, the TB3 and TB4 deliver outstanding accuracy and long-term stable calibration.

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Practical, durable & affordable

The TB7 delivers dependable performance, meeting the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) standards with ± 5% accuracy.

Its sturdy design stands up to tough conditions while the unique non-clogging finger filter significantly reduces field maintenance.

With dual water outlets for easy collection and data verification, the TB7 offers reliability at an unbeatable price.

A solid choice for those who need an accurate yet cost-effective rainfall measurement solution.

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photo of KISTERS RainTrak and key features: IP data logger, non-clogging filter finger, and teflon bucket

Precision meets convenience

RainTrak delivers unparalleled rainfall measurement accuracy & 4G telemetry in one robust package.

Designed for hassle-free setup and autonomous operation, the system features your choice of tipping bucket rain gauge (TB3, TB4 or TB7), the Undercover compact data logger, and battery.

RainTrak supports scheduled or alarm-triggered data transmission and remote management.

Easily install on any 2″ pole, and optionally powered by a solar panel for energy independence.

Discover the RainTrak

Key features

  • Flow control mechanism

    Flow control mechanism

    How could one unique innovation make such a difference to your rainfall data?

    According to the WMO, uncorrected tipping bucket rain gauges notoriously underreport.
    We’ve solved this problem. In fact, we solved it 20 years ago.

    Download the white paper

    Our innovative flow control mechanism (siphon) regulates the flow rate into the gauge, correcting intensity errors which all conventional TBRGs suffer from. This mechanism ensures reliable data acorrs multiple rainfall intensities. The TB3 & TB4 deliver outstanding accuracy, ± 2% from 0 to 10 in/hr (0-250 mm/hr) and ± 3% up to 20 in/hr (500 mm/hr).

    In fact, the TB4 measured the highest daily rainfall record in the United States.

  • Non-clogging finger filter

    Non-clogging finger filter

    Reduces blocking and protects against data loss

    Blocking of tipping bucket rain gauges due to the presence of airborne and animal debris is a major threat to the accuracy of rainfall data, especially in remote locations. The TB3, TB4 and TB7 models are fitted with our unique stainless steel vertical finger filter that minimizes blockage, dramatically reducing field maintenance requirements and most importantly protecting against data loss.

    Read about customer success.

  • Sapphire pivot

    Sapphire pivot

    Long-term stable calibration

    Ultra hard and durable sapphire pivots resist dust and eliminate friction,
    ensuring long-term stable calibration while substantially reducing maintenance costs.

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photo of PreciBal, a weighing rain gauge or total precipitation gauge

All-weather gauge

Introducing the Precibal total precipitation gauge which provides real-time data on liquid, mixed and solid precipitation, quantity and intensity.

Easily configure it using a Bluetooth mobile device to get the benefits from advanced weighing technology, edge computing and low power consumption.

The Precibal meets the most stringent WMO requirements for multiple and varied weather conditions. Heater optional.

Ideal for meteorology, climatology, and environmental monitoring.

Discover the PreciBal
abstract view of storm clouds

Snow measurement

Our extensive array of snow sensors are driven by relentless R&D and more than 30 years’ experience developing instruments for the harshest alpine environments.

Select from parameter-specific sensors including snow depth, snow drift, snow-water equivalent (SWE), and snow melt analysis.

Maintenance-free with low power consumption, our snow instruments are the most advanced available.

Explore our snow sensors

Hail monitoring

Introducing the next generation in hail measurement: HailSens IoT detects hail impacts in real-time.

Capture critical data on hail size, number of impacts and kinetic energy.

A large surface and vibration measurement enable the ‘never-before’ ability to record high-resolution dynamics of hail storms.

Meet HailSens IoT

Explore our met portfolio

Get technical specifications and quotes.

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