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3D assembly instructions optimize manufacturing

November 20, 2023

Repurposed CAD data improves technical understanding and avoids production errors.

Unlock the full potential of CAD data by streamlining the creation of 3D assembly instructions. Visual instructions clarify the assembly process, overcoming language barriers, to both improve technical understanding and prevent errors.

Streamline the CAD data workflow

Systematically breaking down assembly segments and creating individual views. KISTERS 3DViewStation software users can easily adjust camera positions, fade in and out parts, and add markups, dimensions, or annotations for clarity. The comprehensive disassembly tutorial can be easily transformed into an assembly tutorial, by reversing the order of the views. Production teams benefit from animated replay, so they can confidently understand the assembly sequence before they executing each step with accuracy and precision.

Make updates effortlessly

Craig Impastato, U.S. Sales Manager for 3DViewStation, emphasizes the platform’s adaptability to changes in the underlying assembly. Views can be stored independently of geometry, allowing for easy updates as CAD models evolve. As geometries are edited, added, or deleted, all the changes are quickly reflected in the assembly instructions. Minimal effort is required to document accurate instructions.

Improve collaboration without significant costs

KISTERS CAD visualization software provides a harmonized workflow between users of the desktop / workstation version and production staff using the WebViewer version. There’s no need for end-device installations, so this seamless collaboration increases efficiency. Intuitive features native to 3DViewStation enable manufacturing partners to easily access enriched CAD data and maximize utility from 3D models, ultimately providing a competitive advantage.

Experience the efficiency of 3DViewStation in optimizing your own manufacturing processes with a free trial of the Desktop, WebViewer or Virtual Reality (VR) versions.

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