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3D scan & CAD data comparison avoids costly production errors

July 14, 2022

Manufacturing quality assurance gets lift from 3DViewStation.

Today, 3D scanning of produced parts identifies sources of error and controls expensive losses from faulty components or incorrectly installed components at the earliest stages of production.

New feature within 3DViewStation by KISTERS quickly analyzes deviations between CAD data and 3D scan data. The latest enhancement for digital quality assurance includes efficient viewing and management of production data.

According to Jim Eardly, U.S. Sales Director for 3DViewStation, “What used to be a challenge is now a breeze.”

Previously a point cloud acquired by a 3D laser scanner had to be correctly positioned atop the original file. Now a special algorithm in KISTERS’ software iteratively “finds the best possible alignment with a click despite huge amounts of data.”

A target-actual comparison displays the problems, which remain hidden in datasets.

3DViewStation target-actual comparison finds the best possible alignment of 3D scanned product and CAD data

Application examples for the comparison include proof of accurate or correct initial sampling, analysis of shrinkage and warpage behavior, or as an aid for tool correction of injection molds, die casting molds and casting molds.

Eardly commented that manufacturing quality assurance and competitive advantages of utilizing 3DViewStation are already well realized by over 2,000 companies. The pre-programmed tools for analysis catalyze workflows, minimize production delays, and improve both product and process quality.