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3D truck configurator wins digital innovation of the year

December 20, 2018

Renowned truck manufacturer DAF Trucks provides customers with a three-dimensional truck configurator, or vehicle configuration system. Visitors to the DAF website can use the online tool to design their dream vehicle.

Customers can specify all available features and options down to the smallest detail: two-, three- or four-axles; single-wheel or two-wheel drive system; a front steering axle or a powertrain rear axle; day or night cabins in various sizes; various body types; the placement of components like fuel tanks and batteries; and much more.

Unique Personalization Online in the Automotive Sector

KISTERS 3DViewstation software shows DAF customers the exact status of the trucks they’re personalizing. As the graphics engine for the DAF configurator, 3DViewStation directly processes and displays company-specific CAD files. Other vehicle configurators use standard images and files. DAF online users can see “their” trucks in 100 percent photo-realistic accuracy on the DAF website.

“We didn’t just get top marks for visualization and performance; the jury also liked the user-friendly experience of the configurator,” elaborated Germar Nikol, Director of Visualization Technologies at KISTERS.

3DViewStation transforms customers’ perfect trucks into CAD files, ready for use by DAF partners for the design of the vehicle structure. This was another distinctive advantage over existing processes. Moreover, the configurator fully protects the intellectual property of DAF.

Try the DAF Truck configurator for yourself.