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3D visualization for remote work in manufacturing

January 19, 2023

3DViewStation WebViewer supports fast, safe work from home.

Flexible, location-independent work has increased as a result of the pandemic. Today an Internet connection and an HTML5-capable device are enough to support a growing number of remote manufacturing jobs.

Once considered a necessity only for business travelers, mobile access to CAD data and drawings by important decision-makers kept manufacturing projects on schedule.

Today the same technology can provide fast and safe mobile access to projects with many participants and avoid production delays. A quick visual exchange in projects with colleagues, customers or partners is possible especially when people are on the move.

The web-based 3DViewStation CAD viewer offers mobile users the same high performance, the same APIs and the same functionality as the desktop version. Users can access data in the company network or in the cloud anytime and anywhere.

“Even with low bandwidth, it’s possible to visualize extremely large assemblies at the click of a button. Important changes can be initiated at the touch of a finger, saving valuable time in business processes,” explained Jim Eardly, U.S. Sales for KISTERS.

With security and intellection property as top priorities, 3DViewStation WebViewer does not transfer any 3D geometries to the end device. Very secure handling of sensitive CAD data is possible as information is neither downloaded nor streamed. Only image information is transferred when accessing a company’s own server.

Eardly mentioned that several customers also like to using 3DViewStation WebViewer when integrated into the user interface of a PLM system, for after sales and service solutions, or on production machines in the human-machine interface (HMI).

Online configurators are increasingly equipped with the web version of 3DViewStation to make individual product assembly and the overall buying experience as easy and realistic as possible.

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