Hydro Power, Dams & Reservoirs

From flood protection to hydroelectric power generation, dams and reservoirs are significant assets to regional water conveyance and storage. Controlled and protected watersheds also have implications for responsible stewardship of vegetation and wildlife. Web services and online maps in particular are popular among recreational sports enthusiasts who seek out dam release schedules.

Additional Benefits

  • Coordinate a wide array of quantitative data from piezometers, inclinometers,
    and boat survey transects to rate of evaporation or snowmelt.

  • Capture and report water quality attributes over time and over space.
    Display varying magnitudes of turbidity within reservoirs and downstream.

  • Aggregate information directly relayed from biological sampling in the field.
    Proactively respond to conditions optimal for algal blooms and other nuisances.
    Compare ecological inventories due to seasonal and daily drawdowns of reservoir water levels.
    Track flooding events, soil chemistry and mercury concentrations in fish.

  • Implement pre-configured parameters and validation rules for structural monitoring.
    Calculation rules can identify REMR scores to assess seismic risks and dam safety.

  • Identify all operational constraints to determine the capacity of hydro production potential.
    KISTERS' optimization tool does more than simulate a handful of possible decisions.


To complement a growing adoption of a risk-informed approach to dam safety, innovative data visualization technologies have been integrated to enhance structural maintenance and monitor flood and earthquake hazards. Dam safety concerns itself with the interdependency between hazards as some combinations of typically non-threatening events can lead to a dam failure.

Discover how a California water district overcomes increasing climate inconsistencies by integrating its water information system and Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) models, in order to perform short-term forecast-informed reservoir operational optimization.

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