Industry Membership

KISTERS' membership with industry associations supports professional development and emerging best practices of member organizations. Our international market leadership cannot be accomplished without a deep understanding of the water industry and the critical needs that affect participants, large and small. We are dedicated to promoting water resources research and professional development with the following and esteemed organizations:

  • American Water Resources Association (AWRA) is recognized as the pre-eminent multidisciplinary organization for information exchange, professional development, and education about water resources, research, and sustainable management. Collectively, members share expertise required for holistic water resources management and achieve sustainable benefits for society and the environment.

  • Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) promotes the development, control, conservation, preservation and utilization of the water resources of Canada. Memberships represent private and public sector water resources professionals, scientists, academics, and students. With headquarters in Ottawa and branches in most provinces, CWRA facilitates discussion of water resource issues at all levels and encourages participation in national initiatives.

  • Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA)) represents common and collective interests of the waterpower industry. In the Canadian province alone, waterpower resources comprise 25 % of overall energy production. OWA supports greater adoption of the clean, renewable energy that is waterpower. Founding membership represents 95 % of the hydroelectricity generating capacity in Ontario.

  • Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) and its North American Alliance raise awareness and catalyze the adoption of data- and digital-driven technologies for long-term sustainable operations of the water and wastewater industry. Representing public and private utilities and solutions providers share collective industry expertise, while researchers bring cutting-edge developments to the networking table.

If you consider KISTERS North America's membership with your organization to be mutually beneficial, contact us with your recommendation.