photo of handshake between company leaders as ITEG and KISTERS partner to provide configurable reporting options to WISKI users
Dr. Wolfgang Glas (ITEG) and Klaus Kisters (KISTERS AG)

ITEG partners with KISTERS for enhanced reporting tools

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Firms cooperate to provide clients more time series visualization and report generation options.

iteg IT Engineers GmbH of Innsbruck, Germany and KISTERS AG of Aachen, Germany have formed a strategic partnership following the successful collaboration on a dam project with Vorarlberger Illwerke AG of Austria, where a comprehensive WISKI data system was implemented.

At the core of the cooperation is TISGraph, time series visualization and reporting software by ITEG, which will enhance the capabilities of data acquisition, validation, analysis, and reporting which KISTERS' clients already realize.

KISTERS' time series technology becomes a data source for TISGraph to generate reports for hydrology, dam monitoring, and energy data management industries. Subsequently KISTERS' clients can integrate this component with WISKI to design content-rich reports featuring tables, images, and text via drag-and-drop functionality.

The Report Editor app combines visualization of WISKI data and information from external data sources. Graphs created in TISGraph are placed with millimeter accuracy both onscreen and in the hardcopy printout. Users can customize report layouts to match individual format, content, and layout requirements of their respective organizations. Implementation of next generation web technologies like HTML5 allows visualization on mobile devices as easily as on PC or paper.

The web browser-supported interface is expect to deliver greater flexibility and speed to users who want to create reports. Therefore, the application is operating system OS independent.

screen shot of user interface, which shows a graph created in T I S Graph. Users can access several tools and set a specific date range using boxes above the time series graph

About ITEG

ITEG IT-Engineers GmbH was founded by Dr. Wolfgang Glas and Grad. Eng. Christoph Lechleitner in 2011, formalising their successful cooperation in the area of premium quality IT service provision for infrastructure organisations since 2002. Work includes subprojects for German road toll for trucks on behalf of EFKON AG, dam monitoring reporting systems on behalf of Vorarlberger Illwerke AG and TIWAG, and development of operational stability modules for Siemens AG Germany. ITEG also offers server hosting for numerous clients in Tyrol and for toll projects, which in the Netherlands alone serve up to 5000 on board units.


Founded in 1963 KISTERS Group specialized services in hydraulic engineering and water resources management. Today KISTERS has built on its foundation and has grown to become a global market leader in the development of innovative IT solutions for water, energy and air. It works with public and private sector clients to help manage high-resolution, real-time data and optimize operational workflows associated with groundwater and surface water management, meteorology, flood warning, reservoir operations and dam safety, water quality and urban drainage. Read more about the company.