NYC releases extreme rainfall action plan

with new interactive flood maps, expanded monitoring network

New York City officials have released the Rainfall Ready NYC action plan to prepare staff and residents for more extreme rainfall events during busiest part of the present hurricane season and years ahead.

Significant investments in stormwater infrastructure are being made to enhance climate resilience as well as to prevent and mitigate flooding that the city’s infrastructure was “never designed to manage.”

  • New interactive flood maps help users understand the likelihood of flooding on one’s block and to make an evacuation plan if needed.

  • More frequent inspection of chronic flooding locations or hotspots in addition to maintenance at, or clearing of debris from, catch basins prior to predicted storms.

  • Expanding the sensor network FloodNet to monitor the most vulnerable areas in real time, and making public a dashboard.

Residents are encouraged to clear debris from curbs and catch basins as well as deploy barriers to protect low-lying areas. NYC DEP will be providing sandbags and flood barriers to residents in at-risk neighborhoods.

NYC DEP is also completing a capital project to alleviate flooding and upgrade water infrastructure in Queens. Installation of 3,190 ft of new storm sewers, 3,300 ft of sanitary sewers and 2,950 ft of water mains in addition to 73 new trees are expect to improve drainage, better capture stormwater, and raise the overall quality of life for residents in the historically underserved area.