KISTERS, MeteoGroup (now DTN) and DHI A/S partner to offer high-resolution precipitation observations and forecasts for Canada.


  • Accurate & Precise Weather Data & Forecasts
    The global weather authority, MeteoGroup Ltd. (now DTN), is a full-service provider of B2B weather solutions. Research and forecasts inform customers assess weather impacts on operational decisions, costs, and sustainability.

  • Expert Hydrological & Hydraulic Models
    Developers of MIKE for tailor-made solutions to water challenges, the not-for-profit research & engineering consultancy DHI A/S and its knowledge of water environments worldwide is second to none.

  • Proven Commercial Software & Cloud Service Available 24/7
    Data integration and analytics occur within KISTERS Global Water Solution platform, hosted in an ISO-certified data centre, making HydroMaster accessible from a variety of desktop and mobile platforms.

  • 1 sq km (0.39 sq mi) Display, Analysis & Mapping
    High-resolution display and analysis of real-time and forecasted weather data are integrated with critical infrastructure data and mapping – proving much more useful than coarse large-scale data sets.


  • Quick ID of the Formation of Sudden & Localized Weather Events
    Critical infrastructure stakeholders can anticipate potential problems and dig deeper into relevant data for more rapid, informed decision-making, response and planning. Subscribe to local information, forecasts, and warnings for user-defined hotspots and catchments.

  • Reliable, Affordable & Accessible Information
    The hosted service is less susceptible to outages during extreme events. HydroMaster eliminates extra costs associated with software or hardware maintenance, as well as specialized staff.

  • Better Preparation For & Better Information During Extreme Weather Events
    Canadian authorities, cities, infrastructure stakeholders and emergency responders can more effectively monitor and mitigate storm-related impacts on communities. Increased awareness of future precipitation events & their severity provides more lead-time to adjust decision-making and tactics.

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Hydromaster screenshot shows real time precipitation observations and forecasts via web browser. Hydromaster delivers 1 sq km precipitation observations and forecasts over user-defined areas. Hydromaster empowers users with analytics, abilities to define exceedance thresholds, and data visualization options.
Real time precipitation observations and forecasts are delivered via web browser. High resolution precipitation observations and forecasts over user-defined areas are as granular as 1 sq km (0.39 sq mi). Users explore analytics, define their own exceedance thresholds and alerts/warnings, and several data visualization options.

a single online tool integrating precipitation and flash flood forecasts

"The Flash flood Index adds another dimension to the powerful analysis & warning tools in HydroMaster. Alerts for heavy or exceptional precipitation events can already be sent, but the new index converts that information ... into terms of risk of flooding. With local knowledge, the Flash Flood Index can assess the potential local impact of the expected precipitation event, up to five days in advance," explains Dennis Schulze, Chief Meteorology Officer at MeteoGroup

Flash Flood Index details