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KISTERS hydromet software applications

Discover the next generation
of precision irrigation for growers

Harness the power of the Internet of Things to get accurate weather & soil moisture data 24/7.

From sensors to software, FieldRay enables modern farmers to easily view on-farm weather, water uptake & ET.

Get both data and support from 60 years of engineering & environmental expertise.

Empowering decisions for optimal crop growth.

Your benefits

By balancing irrigation appropriate to weather, soil moisture and crop growth stages, FieldRay helps growers to improve their results.


Improve crop quality and yield

Optimize available resources based on the most relevant and useful data — information about your land and microclimate, not weather stations miles away.


Save time, water and energy

Durable sensors & intuitive software reflect thoughtful discussions & user-centric designs by engineers with 60 years of experience in environmental monitoring.


Lessen pesticide and fertilizer runoff

This precision irrigation monitoring system helping you to maximize effective application of nutrients and your investment in fertilizers.


Detect active root zones

Discern roots & active roots to apply fertilizers as efficiently as possible, and to identify real heat stress when it occurs.


Get crop-specific frost damage forecasts

A new feature in 2024 enables users to set damage thresholds based on several weather models of your choice. Get alerts up to 5 days ahead.

Product features

  • Agrimet monitoring station

    Agrimet monitoring station

    Positioning robust, accurate and reliable sensors on your farmland provides local data – not from the nearest weather station miles away.

    Our agricultural weather stations measure temperature, wind speed and direction, precipitation, relative humidity, and solar radiation.

    Complement accurate & reliable on-farm measurements with remote sensing data and forecasts from commercial & private meteorologists.

  • Soil moisture probes

    Soil moisture probes

    Use of multi-depth and multi-parameter probes give you the ability to view soil moisture, temperature, and salinity throughout the soil profile.

    With specific knowledge of soil moisture, you can maintain consistent and optimal growing conditions as well as control water use, flow rates and pressures.

    In addition to in-situ monitoring, raster data as a service supplies advanced satellite observations and forecasts within the same web-browser software.

  • Dataloggers


    Our reliable datalogger is a flexible, cost-effective innovation that supports wireless 4G modem communication. SDI-12 is an optional feature.

    Free embedded software helps configure the device, routinely check & keep it calibrated for real-time access to data.

    This small powerhouse technology meets agricultural demands as well as harsh, flood monitoring needs.

  • datasphere cloud software

    datasphere cloud software

    datasphere gives growers & irrigation managers 24/7 access from smart phones, tablets and laptops to sensing information about their crops.

    From the map, easily view crop-wide statistics or select a particular sensor for detailed information.

    Identify and analyze the needs of crops in their specific growth phase.

    Set alarms and notification rules in the software if flow rates significantly change or pressure rises or falls below desired levels.

    Make timely decisions, adjustments & perform maintenance when you quickly detect leaks or system failures — ultimately, increasing water and energy efficiency.

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