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Fast, effective, advanced CAD visualization for BIM / AEC Industry

November 2, 2023

simulated environments viewed & reviewed on mobile devices or in VR using 3DViewStation

The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry has quickly transitioned away from 2D to 3D. Cloud-based project management software that increase access to all related data and geometries is not only capable, but preferred. To perform reviews and approvals, users at any level in the design process are able to use a powerful and integrated visualization tool rather than download data.

3DViewStation software provides fast, innovative AEC & Building Information Modeling (BIM) visualization for mobile devices, web browsers and Virtual Reality (VR) as well as desktops / workstations.

3DViewStation provides a solid foundation, supporting all important file formats in the BIM space: from Revit, IFC, gITF and CPIXML to older 2D file formats like DWG, DXF, and TIFF — in the case of old, scanned drawings.

Users can also access to attributes or linked metadata which might reside in separate files or a data management system.

Users are given the choice to review, approve or compare documents and 3D models by performing measurements, sections and clash detections.

In addition to delivering convenience and speed, 3DViewStation WebViewer upholds intellectual property protection. Geometries are never streamed to the client. High-level APIs and a few lines of code perform integration.

With flexible APIs, different versions of 3DViewStation such as Desktop and VR can be connected for offline and power users. Systems integrators are even using voice recognition and commands to annotate designs and drive the VR-Edition.

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