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KiECO now automates thermal regime classifications

March 7, 2022

Drawing from both discrete ecological data in KiECO and continuous environmental monitoring data in WISKI, a new script removes significant frustration from manual data filtering, configuration and extraction.

Aquatic biologists can quickly assess stream/river conditions in a study area as they run the thermal regime classification report on any number of sampling locations tracked in WISKI.

The script automatically identifies the correct criteria, extracts data, runs the calculation and generates a standard graphical output.

It uses criteria identified by Chu et al (2009) to isolate daily maximum air temperature and water temperature between specific times during summer months. Then it classifies streams into five thermal categories: cold, cold-cool, cool, cool-warm, and warm water.

Overlay stream classifications with fish records, making the most of WISKI as a single point of truth for watershed health.

The standardize script can be implemented in any WISKI instance with minor modification.

Contact us to discuss the fit of this script to your data.