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Newest release features accurate clash detection, new PMI search & more

April 27, 2020

Also in V2020: neighborhood and semantic search, object merging, substitution of fonts not embedded

Reuse of CAD data is a major focus of 3DViewStation version 2020.0 development.

“We did a complete redesign of our clash detection function. Users now enjoy much faster performance, many more options to calculate values of interest, and a much more satisfying display of results,” said Kelly Baumann, KISTERS North America, Business Development Manager.

“We strong believe that in addition to performance speed, an intuitive and attractive user interface is key to user acceptance and adoption of modern methods over legacy methods and ineffective habits.”

A fresh new set of easily applied color schemes has been introduced. In addition, users can change the color of render wires on a model by changing from the default black color to a variety of options.

For further ease-of-use, users are given a new option to select several subassemblies inside the structure tree and merge each sub-tree into a single object. The result reduces the number of nodes and simplifies the future processing of an assembly. “Our customers conveniently save time by reselecting a merged group of objects instead of individual parts for clash detection.” Baumann remarked.

Another CAD data reuse challenge overcome by 3DViewStation is 2D drawings containing fonts that are not embedded with the drawing file. “In response to our customer’s most important requirements for 2D drawings, we created 2D font substitution. A customizable table enables users to substitute all fonts to a configurable, single one,” explained Baumann, “If one or more fonts cannot be found, 3DViewStation will prompt users to assign different fonts to each one that is not embedded.

Other upgrades include the following:

New and updated file formats

  • Import 3D: NX 1899, Parasolid 32, Revit 2020, Revit reading performance improvement
  • Import 2D: CATIA: V5-6R2020 (R30), NX: 1899, 1903, 1904, 1907

New and updated functions

  • More UI configurations in application settings support customer-specific evaluation processes.
  • Fresh UI layout with several color schemes and introduction of the status bar
  • Customizable edge color (wire)
  • Redesigned clash detection also calculates intersection curves, penetration depth and volume
  • Object merging
  • Addition of Searching Semantic PMI and neighborhood search (linear, box trap, sphere)
  • Font recognition and replacement for 2D drawings (advanced 2D file formats only)