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Optimize 3D CAD data from design throughout company workflow

March 2, 2022

Existing 3D data yields more value from price quote to after-sales.

The term digitalization is commonly used, but the full benefits resulting from much more efficient use of 3D data — in all departments – remains on the table.

Most manufacturing companies use CAD systems to design plants, machines or vehicles. Beyond this stage, a significant amount of value from this existing 3D data is rarely uncovered.

According to Jim Eardly, U.S. Sales Director for KISTERS 3DViewStation, manufacturing company staff — from sales, technical documentation, pre-production, production and after-sales – work with 2D drawings. In some cases, these professionals have 3D files, which are more clear and understandable. All these employees work with the design data, but they often lack effective access and their own tools to draw the greatest benefit from visualizations of solid models.

He pointed out that 3DViewStation does more than display the CAD data with a CAD license.

“The high-performance 3D CAD analysis and digital mockup tool (DMU) streamlines the management of native and neutral data from different sources. Not only does it import, merge and display without prior file conversion, but also dimensions, sections and comparisons based on precise geometry data challenges are limited, if any.”

Analysis features such as batch conversion, exploded views, filters, bill of material (BOM), markups, wall thickness and demolding slopes are shortlisted as favorites by customers.

A further advantage, Eardly noted, is the protection of the inserted data, ideas and products. Eardly gave an example, “The software enables internal components to be automatically removed and geometries distorted; the latter is used when sharing CAD data with particular suppliers to protect intellectual property.”

The 3D viewer software is still suitable for users who haven’t used much 3D data. In the absence of 3D models, changes between different revisions are reliably recognizable. For purposes of quality assurance, deviations between measurement data and the reference model are important. The delivery and costs of defective parts can be easily avoided.

KISTERS 3DViewStation presents companies with a simple and efficient application to maximize use of existing 3D data without the complexity and cost of additional licenses for CAD systems. The modern user interface integrates with leading CAD systems to easily manage a broad range of 3D and 2D formats.