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Recap of WISKI Academy 2011

December 30, 2011

International hydrologists attend final 2011 training at corporate offices in Germany.

During the past two weeks, hydrologists from around the world have participated in WISKI training. Courses have covered all major areas of the Water Information Systems KISTERS (WISKI) software.

Users took away practical knowledge, as well as deep insights into potential application of the system and the unlimited data and metadata it can store.

Advanced skills were taken back to client organizations to further optimize their work in data management and analyses.

Attendees represent the cross section of KISTERS’ clients — from government hydrological services to hydroelectric power generation companies among other organizations came to corporate headquarters in Aachen, Germany.

Classes were comprised of presentations and various hands-on exercises, guided by KISTERS’ trainers. No questions were left unanswered. Attendees also appreciated exchanging of experience and knowledge among themselves during formal and informal networking sessions. These opportunities were invaluable since no class can cover them.

The typical feedback following the course included “WISKI has already saved a lot of time for my organization; with this training, we can go a step further in quality and efficiency” and “Great to meet all the KISTERS’ staff and get their first-hand information.”

We would like to wish all the attendees a great Christmas season and a successful start to 2012!

In 2012 WISKI Academy sessions will return with new and interesting courses for beginners and advanced users.

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