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7 reasons ADCP towing systems transform stream gauging

August 3, 2017

The innovative FFX Flying Fox is a portable remote control towing system for making precise discharge measurements with acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) – tethered boats on a temporary span of rope.

How does it work?

The towing system lessens the danger and difficulty for hydrographers who use ADCP to record flow measurement on a stream, river or open channel. The remote controlled instrument operates on a low stretch, high strength rope secured temporarily (or permanently) across the stream.

The Flying Fox is designed to be easily carried and operated wirelessly up to 574 ft — keeping the operator both dry and safe, away from any potential hazards especially during high water situations.

  • Take precise discharge measurements almost anywhere.
    No bridge or other infrastructure is required.
    The remote control gives riverbank users a wireless range of up to 574 ft.
  • Control the towing speedto ensure a very smooth and stable transect,
    Get accurate discharge measurements during your site visits.
  • Increase the towing speed if logs or other debris are seen moving downstream toward the ADCP.
    The towing system enables you to move the ADCP safely out of harm’s way, avoiding inaccurate discharge measurements.
  • The high torque motor easily tackles any incline.
  • Hearalerts andsee low battery warnings.
    Notification for a quick battery swap ensures the Flying Fox towing system measures when you need it.

“The USGS gave us their wishlist…and we came up with the Flying Fox,” —
Wayne Van Schelven, Chief Engineer, Hyquest Solutions

Why this matters

The Flying Fox makes it possible for hydrographers to capture ADCP measurements almost anywhere on a river or stream. These professionals are no longer restricted to bridges or cableways.

We are honored to see the Flying Fox originate as a unique customer request and evolve into one of our most effective products. This water monitoring accessory truly reflects our values, to listen attentively to customers in order to embrace and overcome their challenges with them.