Lake Management

Monitoring lakes and managing reservoirs have become more significant over time as these bodies supply much needed water to people for a range of needs from fundamental to recreational. KISTERS and its enterprise solutions are particularly advantageous if your lake and/or reservoirs contribute to hydro-electric production, irrigation operations, or long term ecosystem monitoring programs.

Highly complex and cross-linked nature of hydropower plant operations can benefit from the use of Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) powered by a commercial mathematical solver. The robust application can be set up to efficiently provide reliable day-ahead operation schedules compared to results estimated with the use of spreadsheets.

Analysis of long-range weather predictions establishes the best forecast for several months ahead -- complying with all safety, environmental, and contractual requirements. The limited water supply does not allow the hydro system to run constantly at nominal capacity; the analysis also provides the best prediction for reservoirs elevation and helps define the daily available water volumes for energy generation at each hydro facility.

Effectively balances base energy generation and ancillary services your utility offers to financially compensate operational costs. The utility may be short in energy obligations, while long in the ancillary services at a given moment or vice versa.

Discover KISTERS' hydro operations optimization modeling.