Cloud Services

KISTERS' water solution can also be an on-demand application and cloud-based service which is ideal for small to medium-sized organizations. With Internet access and a unique account, system administrator(s) and ends users enjoy all of the benefits of our advanced data system without the complexity and challenges of IT infrastructure maintenance.


The hosted data analytics platform is available for one or several users with appropriate credentials.


Unlike a conventional license, KISTERS' cloud services reduce both the time and costs that are incurred with client-side pre-installation and physical installation tasks. Due to flexible pay per user pricing structure, the application best suits small clients like universities, research institutes, and consulting engineering companies who require a comprehensive hydrological workspace on a project-by-project basis.


In addition to hosting and managing the software, IT infrastructure obligations are assumed by KISTERS. The data center has been certified according to TÜV Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI). Certification according to ISO 27001 for information security management systems is in process.

Current implementation in New South Wales, Australia for telemetry, groundwater and surface water data management, and analysis in addition to Auckland, New Zealand for water and air quality data management and analysis.


Integrate with mobile solutions to enable field technicians to conveniently collect, benchmark against historic trends from the same monitoring site, and even perform complex calculations on the fly.