Measuring & Telemetry

Maximum data quality has no substitute.

Data management is a KISTERS' specialty. Regardless of the data collection devices and equipment used to measure environmental conditions and parameters, KISTERS software enables you to aggregate data using multiple communication channels and data loggers from different manufacturers in your network.

By consolidating the storage of raw data measurements, the system provides an interface for users to not only standardize but also to filter, analyze and distribute information in the file format of your preference for more analysis.


Another KISTERS' specialty is data exchange or transmission of data from a monitoring station to a receiving location. Our telemetry hardware supports existing and the most recent technologies such as IP, FTP, web services or email.

Raster Data Capabilities

Historically hydrological applications have focused on point data -- but today's multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving demands the management and evaluation of raster data, which account for variation in time and place.

KISTERS' data analytics platform takes environmental monitoring to a new level. The solution not only stores raw satellite observation data, but also performs raster to raster and raster to point calculations.

Data professionals are realizing new abilities as they manage any type of environmental information in continuous, discontinuous, equidistant or non-equidistant time series. Furthermore you can manage raster files as individual events or as pseudo time series (e.g. strategic noise maps calculated every five years).


KISTERS caters the full spectrum of your environmental monitoring needs including field sensors and data loggers.