Extreme weather urges growers to lessen crop yield uncertainty

sensing a changing world, HyQuest & KISTERS enable smart irrigation

To help growers achieve more efficient irrigation and water management, HyQuest Solutions and KISTERS have launched a new product line with sensors and software for smart agriculture.

The environmental monitoring experts have designed a smart irrigation network consisting of precision weather sensors and soil moisture sensors, data loggers to affordably automate data transfer, and the cloud software datasphere for viewing and analyzing data anytime on smartphones, tablets or PCs.

The digital transformation of agriculture or digital ag enables farmers to remotely monitor water resources in real time and respond accordingly. The combined use of observed data such as soil moisture or water loss due to evapotranspiration and weather forecasts enables growers to less uncertainty.

Routine IT monitoring of farm conditions can save a significant time and effort. Farmers reallocate their attention to more urgent tasks and get alerts if undesirable conditions start to occur.

Seasoned farmers have intuition that isn’t readily translated to artificial intelligence. They can easily refer to data analytics from their smart irrigation network to confirm their insights.

Likewise, they can explore the datasets to identify previously unseen trends or new developments.

Ultimately, climate-smart agriculture promotes water efficiency as water supplies decline.

HyQuest Solutions, a KISTERS brand designs, manufactures, supplies and services innovative precision measuring devices, sensors and dataloggers for the area of environmental monitoring. Over the past 40 years,

KISTERS AG has been developing software and IT solutions for the sustainable management of water, energy and natural resources. Its advanced and robust software portfolio streamlines all aspects of the information value-chain from data import and integration to analytics to decision-support.

HyQuest Solutions and KISTERS launch IoT for smart agriculture