Raster Data Service

Environmental resources managers are science-based decision-makers, but they're often hamstrung. Limited funding and IT resources constrain their access to new and emerging data formats, even when earth observation satellite data sets are becoming increasingly available and for free.

KISTERS absorbs high IT infrastructure costs and uses its own innovations to acquire, convert and process a wide variety of gridded observation and forecast datasets, e.g. data products generated by NOAA and Environment and Climate Change Canada, the North American Ensemble Forecast Suite (NAEFS).

Utilizing KISTERS Raster Data as a Service, state and local agencies 21st Century tools to develop more reliable local forecasts by correlating measured climate data and generating data products (e.g. extremely large ensemble forecast datasets) that power localized forecast tools.

Developed to increase access and usability of gridded data or remote sensing imagery, the web-based application enables operators, planners and policy makers put high accuracy, precise and hyperlocal information into action.

  • Observations & forecasts becomes highly granular, to a unit smaller than a square mile (0.25 km2)
  • Calculate real-time areal precipitation per catchment when rainfall estimates are combined with incoming raw telemetry data.

  • Configure automated alarm features for more time to monitor risks and prevent / mitigate dangers.
  • Perform post storm event analysis, examining data gaps and redundancies.
  • Combine with probabilistic (risk indicator) models or deterministic hydrological and hydraulic modeling of a watershed or sewershed.

KISTERS Raster DaaS acquires, converts and processes earth observation satellite imagery, historical climate observations and forecast datasets and makes them available for more precise, more reliable forecasts and forecasting tools.