Resource Optimization

Faced with limited if any infrastructure funding as well as increasingly scarce and competing water supplies, water management agencies are rising to the moment to reliably supply clean, renewable energy as efficient solar and wind energy storage continues to evolve.

Maximizing hydraulic efficiency from existing assets in a water system can discount summer energy costs by as much as 20% and increase run-of-the-river hydro generation revenue by as much as 10%.

KISTERS offers water operators and managers a real-time optimization (RTO) modeling tool. Unlike similar solutions, the RTO solution doesn't simulate scenarios limited by hidden biases. Instead, it accounts for real technical, economic and ecological costs of complex systems like drainage and hydroelectricity operations to identify the highest possible efficiency.

Unlike like competing products, RTO searches for the best feasible solution
in the whole spectrum of possible solutions.

"If" a solution is found, RTO guarantees the resulting solution is feasible and best satisfies the priorities users define and rank. Constrained by many responsibilities and limited time, decision-makers can focus on one viable scenario that offers the most advantages instead of a noisy number of decent options with fewer benefits.

In contrast, many so-called optimization software are simulators. The programs let operators move input parameters within assigned ranges, providing a shortlist of potential output scenarios from which to make decisions. This software often emerges from university research, so user interfaces are cumbersome and extremely difficult to use.

RTO's advantage is founded on 30-plus years of KISTERS' experience with data management and analytics in addition to water and energy industry expertise. Most competitors lack this depth of industry knowledge and software development, including practical user interface design. The web interface flattens the learning curve for operators to identify and prioritize operational goals and constraints.

Municipalities and utilities can extend the lifecycle of assets with cost-efficient innovations that integrate with energy storage technologies and align with community values of generating energy sustainably.

screen shot RTO track total hydropower generation from flows
screen shot RTO maximize revenue generation from energy pricing