Resource Optimization

KISTERS offers lake/reservoir managers and dam operators a true optimization modeling tool. Unlike similar solutions, ResOpt is not a simulation tool. It accounts for technical and economic aspects of complex systems like hydroelectricity generation to identify the highest possible efficiency and enhance customer service at affordable cost.

Unlike like competing products, ResOpt searches for the best solution in the whole universe of possible solutions.

"If" a solution is found, then ResOpt guarantees that the solution is not only feasible but also the best. Most of today's optimization software run simulations. By moving input parameters within ranges assigned by the operators, such programs provide potential output scenarios. Then a shortlist of scenarios is made prior to making a decision.

ResOpt users can focus on one viable scenario offering the most advantages instead of many good ones with fewer benefits. Taking this approach yields matchless results that are superior to simulations. Defend your decisions with quality data.

You can get a better and stronger result, but what about a faster solution? KISTERS' deterministic mathematical approach can take much time to process depending on the complexity of your system.

ResOpt's competitive advantage is founded on 30-plus years of KISTERS' experience with stable software development, data management, in addition to water and energy industry expertise -- while most competitors lack this depth of industry knowledge base and practical user interface design.

Most software of this nature frequently emerges from university research, so those graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are often antiquated, cumbersome, and extremely difficult to use.

screen shot ResOpt software irrigation process map