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cropped version of a hybrid photo of the underside of a bridge where a HyQuant non-contact radar sensor has been mounted and illustration of contactless radar technology to measure water level and water level
April 11, 2024Water, Weather & Environment

Webinar to explain radar hydrology & invite Q&A

screen capture of U.S. NOAA centralized water data website called the National Water Prediction Service tool.
April 2, 2024Water, Weather & Environment

New NOAA website centralizes water data & forecasts

HyQuant launch preview image: black background with CAD rendering of HyQuant non-contact water radar sensor, white KISTERS logo and the text,
March 26, 2024Water, Weather & Environment

KISTERS launches non-contact, plug & play, compact water radar sensors at accessible price

3DViewStation exports | 3D illustrations in spare parts catalog enhance maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) service as technicians quickly assess problems and order replacements
February 7, 2024CAD Visualization

Improving after sales with manufacturing tech

resized photo of bridge-mounted RQ-30 non-contact discharge radar
January 30, 2024Water, Weather & Environment

Non-Contact discharge radar and AI revolutionize flood warning and water management

Photo of primary-secondary section-by-section water flow monitoring using RQ-30d noncontact discharge radar sensors mounted on a bridge | image credit Sommer
January 12, 2024Water, Weather & Environment

Water flow sensors overcome water measurement hurdles

photo of a female field inspector holding a mobile phone and a laptop in addition to examining the ground and soil
January 3, 2024Water, Weather & Environment

Aquifers recharge faster than past estimates

repurpose 3D CAD data to create 3D assembly instructions
November 20, 2023CAD Visualization

3D assembly instructions optimize manufacturing

conceptual image of bioinformatics | photo of a town and water with digital icons to symbolize advanced water quality data management and data visualization
November 13, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

Bioinformatics, nexus of water quality & big data ecology

screen capture of building information management (BIM) CAD data visualized in 3DViewStation by KISTERS
November 2, 2023CAD Visualization

Fast, effective, advanced CAD visualization for BIM / AEC Industry

photo of dust on snow from study on reduces water flow to the Colorado River | source Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies via
October 31, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

Dust: missing from water supply forecasting models

screen capture of Tropic Storm Otis on Tuesday, 24 October 2023 at 10 AM Central Time with 70 mph winds and path heading toward Acapulco, Mexico | source The Weather Channel
October 26, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

Hurricane intensification is still unpredictable

screen capture of 3DViewStation v2023.6 with 3D heatmap and curvature analysis features
October 23, 2023CAD Visualization

3D heatmaps transform feasibility analysis

photo of La Grande-1 hydropower generating station | source
October 10, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

Unfavorable weather reduces Quebec hydropower, revenue

photo of Chesapeake Bay with wastewater treatment plant in teh foreground | photo credit Will Parson, Chesapeake Bay Program
September 27, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

Navigating toward a cleaner Chesapeake Bay

female small red-eyed damselfly (Erythromma najas) alight on a green leaf on the surface of water | photo credit Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Ltd.
September 21, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

Early warning to freshwater ecosystem threats

image of cascading screens from HEC RAS flood forecasting model | source the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC)
September 12, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

Better predict post-fire flooding with HEC models

screen capture of KISTERS VisShare, an intuitive drag and drop web service for secure sharing CAD design and manufacturing data
September 8, 2023CAD Visualization

Online CAD data solution supports hybrid and remote employees

photo two operators inspect solar PV panels in a utility-scale solar farm
August 23, 2023Energy & Renewables

Record high temperatures set in Texas

March, 2017 NOAA/National Severe Storms Laboratory research hydrologists suspend a noncontact velocity radar sensor over the Washita River or Falls Creek as a component in an early flood warning system near Davis, OK, USA | photo credit JJ Gourley, Ph.D., NOAA / NSSL
August 22, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

Water Velocity: Critical to flood warning

photo of a Red Line sun kink or warped train track / rail track on August 5, 2023 | photo credit Austin, Texas Capital Metro CapMetro
August 18, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

Extreme heat disrupting mass transit operations

photo green algal bloom, rocks and dry beach sand at Lake Winnipeg, Canada due to phosphorus loads
August 16, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

Congeners key to water quality improvements

Levee Park in Red Wing, MN on 4-26-2023 flooding from swollen Mississippi River; more natural hazards to impact Central States | source WCCO news, CBS Minnesota
August 15, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

No hurricanes or rising seas, but natural hazards still impact Midwest

photo of clearcut land and forest near the source of the Lewis and Clark River in Clatsop County, Oregon | photo credit Walter Siegmund
August 8, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

Forests mitigate flood risk at watershed scale