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Improving after sales with manufacturing tech

February 7, 2024

The latest release of 3DViewStation now caters to maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) service providers in addition to designers and manufacturers. KISTERS 3D CAD viewing software allows for convenient and secure exchange of up-to-date 2D and 3D information, whether it’s available online or offline, in electronic or printed formats.

Craig Impastato, U.S. Sales Director, notes the versatility of creating and ensuring accurate maintenance and repair manuals. The CAD visualization tool eases the process of creating assembly or repair steps. Flexible export options of images, illustrations or 3D models help control translation costs and overcome language barriers.

Impastato emphasized the growing importance of 3D instructions alongside traditional 2D formats. The same exports can be featured in videos, another popular format.

Electronic spare parts catalogs, in particular, are integrating 3DViewStation. Visual interactions like using a slider to animate the explosion of assembly enables users to quickly identify components and add replacements to a shopping cart.

Clear 3D graphics are also enhancing predictive and preventive maintenance tasks. Impastato adds that 3DViewStation empowers users like service technicians to get a clear view of affected components within an assembly – and to click or create a link within the scene to related information.

The visualization and link can immediately display historical or real-time operating data. Alternatively, it show spare part numbers, supplier data, the date of the next scheduled maintenance, etc.” explained Impastato. He emphasized that the faster the problem is assessed and resolved, the more customer satisfaction results. More efficient service can potentially reduce unnecessary travel without appropriate spare parts as well.

KISTERS continues to develop 3DViewStation and maximize the value of CAD data visualization for our customers, from manufacturers to MRO service providers. This strategic advantage fosters customer loyalty and enhances your sales to set your company apart in today’s competitive landscape.