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Webinar: Agrimeteorology & irrigation monitoring

February 28, 2022

KISTERS introduces an end-to-end solution to monitor on-farm weather conditions and crop inputs while delivering information to your smartphone.

Join us 8 March 2023 for a one-hour webinar. 

In preparation for this webinar, you’re invited to discover FieldRay, an on-farm weather & irrigation water monitoring system.

This event will interest agriculture community members with goals to improve crop quality and yield; conserve water, energy, pesticides and fertilizers as well  as time and labor; and optimize available resources. In particular, you want to detect active root zones and better control irrigation by monitoring water flow rates and pressures.

Ruwin Pandithage, Ph.D., Head of Agricultural Meteorology & Business Development at KISTERS AG, who has more than 14 years in agricultural meteorology as the former Global Business Unit Manager at Adcon Telemetry, will cover the value of irrigation and soil moisture monitoring, evapotranspiration management, and key considerations for technical solutions regarding monitoring equipment and software. He’ll address common solutions currently available in the market as well as integration with emerging technology.

About KISTERS AgriMet system

Components of the all-in-one hardware and software system were carefully selected to meet the exacting needs of an extremely seasonal operations. Comprehensive expertise from Agricultural Meteorology to Weather Forecast / Climatology professionals and state-of-the-art sensors can now be applied to measure your crop’s soil, rainfall, wind, solar radiation, temperature, and relative humidity. The system also obtains high-quality weather and forecast data, which growers can easily view, store, analyze, and share.