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          female small red-eyed damselfly (Erythromma najas) alight on a green leaf on the surface of water | photo credit Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Ltd.
          September 21, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Early warning to freshwater ecosystem threats

          August 25, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Water flow sensors overcome water measurement hurdles

          photo two operators inspect solar PV panels in a utility-scale solar farm
          August 23, 2023Energy & Renewables

          Record high temperatures set in Texas

          March, 2017 NOAA/National Severe Storms Laboratory research hydrologists suspend a noncontact velocity radar sensor over the Washita River or Falls Creek as a component in an early flood warning system near Davis, OK, USA | photo credit JJ Gourley, Ph.D., NOAA / NSSL
          August 22, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Water Velocity: Critical to flood warning

          photo of a Red Line sun kink or warped train track / rail track on August 5, 2023 | photo credit Austin, Texas Capital Metro CapMetro
          August 18, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Extreme heat disrupting mass transit operations

          photo green algal bloom, rocks and dry beach sand at Lake Winnipeg, Canada due to phosphorus loads
          August 16, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Congeners key to water quality improvements

          Levee Park in Red Wing, MN on 4-26-2023 flooding from swollen Mississippi River; more natural hazards to impact Central States | source WCCO news, CBS Minnesota
          August 15, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          No hurricanes or rising seas, but natural hazards still impact Midwest

          photo of clearcut land and forest near the source of the Lewis and Clark River in Clatsop County, Oregon | photo credit Walter Siegmund
          August 8, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Forests mitigate flood risk at watershed scale

          burnt watershed have zones of erosion and zones of deposition; photo taken after Cerro Grande Fire near Los Alamos, NM | photo credit John A. Moody, USGS
          August 2, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Burn scars less water-repellant than thought

          After record setting snowfall this past winter, Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort in California has extended its ski season into August. | pc Mike Sington
          July 30, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          August skiing in Eastern Sierra Mountains

          photo green and gold hills of Pullman, Washington | source: Palouse Conservation District
          July 10, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Washington Ecology issues state drought advisory

          Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area on Sandusky Bay, which flows into Lake Erie; wetlands restoration will improve stormwater management and control flooding risks | source Ohio Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
          July 5, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Future climate impacts to Lake Erie win NOAA grant

          map of Riverside East SEZ solar energy zone spanning Chuckwalla Valley Groundwater Basin | source John J. Quinn, Argonne National Laboratory
          July 3, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Utility-scale solar farms bloom in California desert

          photo Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) North American Stream Hydrographers (NASH) workshop venue in Canadian mountains
          June 29, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Underestimated threat of flooding rains, landslides, erosion

          aerial photo of a hurricane | source Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST)
          June 12, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Hurricanes reaching further inland, scientists find

          KISTERS tagline logo - resized for corporate news items
          June 1, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Hydromet instrument manufacturer rebrands as KISTERS

          photo Pierce County, Washington with bridge in foreground and Mount Rainer in the distance
          May 1, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Warmer winters driving fluctuations in streamflow

          screen capture KISTERS HailSens360 hailstorm forecast, nowcast and real-time hail observations
          April 19, 2023Energy & Renewables

          KISTERS unveils breakthrough to forecast hailstorms

          photo 2023 Washington DC Roundtable | source ICWP
          April 11, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          U.S. water management entering challenging times

          photo rural area with river in foreground
          April 5, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Without broadband, rural areas incur more flood risk

          photo Snake River Canyon from the Perrine Bridge Canyon Springs Fish Farm in Twin Falls, Idaho, USA
          March 28, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Idaho DWR, USGS team to monitor groundwater levels

          photo USDA NRCS's Mt. Eyak SNOTEL site, above Cordova, Alaska, USA. April 2012 | source
          March 17, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Abundant snowpack not uniform across Western U.S.

          photo San Joaquin River and Friant Dam in central California, USA; source
          March 13, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Water Board oks water diversion to recharge aquifer

          photo of Englebright Dam or hydropower generating station
          March 9, 2023Water, Weather & Environment

          Water agency unveils flood risk reduction plans