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Water, Weather & Environment

USGS National Water Data Training Workshop


15 - July 18, 2024


St. Louis, Missouri, USA

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Hydrologic Data Advisory Committee (HDAC) will host the 2024 National Water Data Training Workshop. July 15-18, 2024.

The workshop provides professional development to federal hydrologic technicians, hydrologists and other scientists who collect, analyze, and process water data in order to improve USGS hydrologic data operations.

Commercial vendors like KISTERS will showcase our products in a dedicated exhibition hall, by special invitation.

Our experts in water sensors & software will be present to discuss innovations in ground-based and remote sensing, advanced hydrological data analytics & forecasting.

Don’t miss the all-new HyQuant noncontact radar sensor as well as our world-renowned rain measurement workhorses.

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