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Intelligent software manages ecosystem data

November 2, 2015

Deeper, holistic analyses now possible as single environmental data system manages ecological, water quality and hydrologic data over time and space.

Thanks to the complete integration of the KiECO ecology module within Water Information Systems KISTERS (WISKI), and the complementary water quality module (KiWQM), biologists and biostatisticians can now track and evaluate biological / ecological, chemical-physical and hydrologic data in a single system.

Committed to developing off-the-shelf software that increases efficient workflow and decision support for water resource professionals, KISTERS empowers holistic analyses and an ability to identify relevant interdependencies between the various types of data.

Data users can display all findings, with geographical reference to the examined sampling areas, in the WISKI map. The high degree of flexibility within the data structure allows for the management and inspection of the information as well as user-defined mapping of input, access and output. Since KISTERS has set up an integrated and comprehensive solution, utility companies and regulatory authorities receive software that is configured to their particular issues and supports their work processes.

With more than 25 years of experience producing and refining water resource data management, KISTERS has automated data acquisition, storage, analysis and sharing. Consequently customers avoid tedious manual steps involved in data consolidation. The flexibility of the solution moreover allows the management of non-water related ecological data. Utilities and regulatory authorities can be spared the procurement of an additional software package.

Individuals and organizations interested in integrating discrete sampling information with continuous time series water data are invited to contact us to further discuss your specific goals and needs.