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KISTERS launches non-contact, plug & play, compact water radar sensors at accessible price

March 26, 2024

Press release

KISTERS has launched a new range of contactless water sensors called HyQuant. The world leader in environmental monitoring data solutions has designed these sensors to meet customer expectations in a variety of applications, deployments and weather conditions. Subsequently, the company has developed the series with a meticulous focus on overcoming common industry challenges while delivering unparalleled performance.

Current products in the HyQuant line

  • HyQuant L  |  water level radar
  • HyQuant V  |  surface velocity radar
  • HyQuant L+V  |  all-in-one level and velocity radar.

HyQuant L is available for purchase; HyQuant V & HyQuant L+V will be in available soon.

Meeting global water measurement needs

While several industries can deploy these sensors, KISTERS is sensitive to the lean budgets of public agencies. To help local, state and federal agencies improve flood early warning or drought monitoring, the non-contact hydrological instruments have been set at an accessible price. Furthermore, easy installation, Wi-Fi configuration, low energy consumption and low to no maintenance ease burdens on under-staffed districts.

Technical advantages

In addition to offering a premium radar water sensors at a competitive price, many technical specifications make HyQuant ideal for variety of applications:

  • Rigorously field tested, in harsh and remote environments, for stability and high performance.
  • User-customized filters help sensors adapt to monitoring site conditions.
  • Built-in Modbus and SDI-12 protocols, plus secure Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity.
  • Remarkably high power efficiency at 15mA (typical at 12V).
  • IP68 dust and water resistance rating.
  • Intuitive software interface.
  • Minimal maintenance.

Global Head of R&D at KISTERS HydroMet, Edgar Wetzel emphasized, “With HyQuant, our goal was not just to build a water level radar, but to create a perfect match for field practitioners, the professional hydrographer and automated early warning systems.”

Versatile applications

Deploy the sensors for narrow or wide bodies of water, in rural and urban areas. Local governments and utilities, dam operators, universities, irrigation districts as well as farms can add the HyQuant series to water resources monitoring networks. The accuracy of the real-time data has significant implications on water management and water supply forecasting.

Manufactured in Germany

Assembled at KISTERS state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Aachen, the HyQuant series represents the company’s commitment to superior quality and innovation. Stephan Gramlich, manufacturing representative, stated, “This launch marks the beginning of an exciting era with more cutting-edge monitoring instruments to come.”


Founded in 1963 the KISTERS Group, an international, privately-held organization dedicated to developing comprehensive IT solutions that include innovative software, advanced environmental monitoring instruments, and large-format printers and scanners. KISTERS HydroMet is a subdivision specializing in the development of software in addition to designing and manufacturing advanced instruments to help overcome challenges of monitoring water, weather and the environment. We provide our customers with reliable technology that reveals data-driven insights, enabling them to make informed decisions for the responsible and sustainable management of natural resources.

Join us on our strategic journey for continued innovation to monitor water, weather and the environment.

Stay tuned for the May 14 radar hydrology webinar and KISTERS HydroMet LinkedIN page.