Water Information Systems by KISTERS

Get immediate access to new capabilities that enhance analytical problem-solving associated with managing limited and valuable water resources. Configure the off-the-shelf software to your agency's unique data management needs and processes for raw data collection, storage, QA/QC, reporting and data sharing of water quantity and water quality.

The water data analytics platform easily and efficiently centralizes information, processes many types and massive amounts of time series information via simple data visualization options. Quickly get insights from quality data for decision-making. Just as easily collaborate with data users inside and outside your organization, or the public, to address environmental challenges.


  • Flexible & Efficient Data Collection
    Import data and integrate information from a wide range of sources like mobile devices and monitoring networks such as Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA), Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES), California Data Exchange Center (CDEC), the National Weather Service (NWS), and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

  • Secure & Unlimited Data Storage
    There are no limitations on SCADA tags. In addition all original / raw data is stored separately from edited data. Centralize diverse formats of data. For example, store quantitative data with qualitative data such as metadata, photographs, as well as raster data.

  • Friendly User Interface
    The GUI allows you to handle analytical power with ease. Windows display tree view navigation, contents, and messages. Menu ribbons and keystroke shortcuts give users several options to view data as graphs, charts, tables and maps.

  • Automated Data Validation
    Define data validation rules to automate QA processes upon data import or in a series of calculations. Perform manual Data QA / QC more easily. Investigate data gaps or violations via tables, graphs, charts, time series, and maps. Reduce bad data and get clean, correct and useful data for models and making decisions.

  • Data Access Control & Audit Trails
    System administrators assign data users access roles & rights. Track any and all changes to data by date, time and user name. In addition generate a complete log of data editing.

  • Versatile Reporting Functions
    Predefined reports can be automated to comply with state and federal regulations. Custom reports can be scheduled or run as needed to improve efficiency, operations & maintenance, and future planning.


  • Improve Workflow; Saving Time & Costs
    Move beyond compliance reporting and lead actionable change. Get more value from data stored in the water management information system. After integrating once isolated hydrological, water quality and ecology data silos -- advanced tools, calculation engine and the GUI empower users to explore interactions among complex water systems. Innovative communications functions allow safe and easy sharing of information with stakeholders in other departments, organizations or geographic areas.

  • Optimize Data Analysis for Decision-Making
    Automate mundane processing tasks by applying business intelligence and alarming tools, so water data professionals can focus on critical concerns and use their expertise more effectively. Standardizing and automating complex calculations are best left to computers. Maximize knowledge transfer and employee engagement. Minimize knowledge loss and costs associated with retirement and staff turnover.

  • Get High Quality Data for Forecasting & Models
    Stable, reliable and extremely consistent IT solutions power your new Data QA / QC processes, resulting in better quality data for collaboration. If you receive information from partnering organizations, apply your own data validation rules for more accuracy in forecasts and models. Furthermore, integrate accurate data with GIS systems and open data websites accessible by the public.

  • Efficient Asset Tracing for Operations & Maintenance
    Quickly identify the condition of tangible assets and equipment -- dataloggers, sensors, tipping buckets, even vehicles -- tracing them from deployment to calibration and repair. Metadata management and unlimited data storage capacity saves water districts additional costs. Easily locate sondes as they're reassigned from storage or from one monitoring site to another. Alternatively, use asset tracing tools to compare monitoring devices before a full-scale upgrade.

  • Water Information Management System Resilience & Optimization
    System failure is not an option with today's environmental challenges. Extreme conditions of drought or flooding mandate a robust system to reliably monitor water quality and water levels. There's a major reason the largest, most influential cities in North America rely on KISTERS to support water security initiatives.

  • Support Committed to Customer Success
    Accessible online, by email and phone, our customer support team assures you have a long-term partner in sustaining the environment.


  • Choice of operating environment
  • Choice of relational database (MS SQL / Oracle) or a proprietary file-based management system
  • Client-based installation or cloud services ideal for small to medium-sized organizations
    KISTERS' analytics software as service is also ideal for intermittent / seasonal users