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Data management & Reporting

Store, manage and process environmental data for reporting & informed decisions

KISTERS hydromet software applications

Configurable & robust data management systems that scale to your needs

Distilling the most value from past and present environmental monitoring data as well as emerging trends is key to managing natural resources, population growth, and operating with resiliency. Whatever we monitor — weather, water, soil, or ecological data and metadata — must be reliably collected, managed, and processed for analyses and use.  

Our comprehensive & flexible data management systems help small and large organizations alike because they’re designed to build up self-sufficiency. Standard functionality help you store, access, edit, transform, visualize, report and publish data from your monitoring of water, weather and the environment.

The diversity of our expertise, customers and success stories are likely to help you accomplish your data management goals.

Your benefits


Increase data discoverability & use

Manage all your data — continuous & discrete; hydrological, chemical & biological; historical & forecast — in one system, avoiding under-used or even unknown databases and loose spreadsheets


Save time, increase data quality & productivity

Automate data import, QA/QC & processing; get alerts if review is needed or when data are ready for manual analysis


Increase access & improve collaboration

With increased data access & use, better coordinate with colleagues who can refer to approved information from the point of truth. Also share information with groups and partners outside your organization.


Build your own system & integrate with other systems

A customized system is cost-prohibitive, but our systems enable you to mix, match & configure modules so that core capabilities meet your distinct needs. Easily integrate your system with other IT systems like SCADA or GIS using our APIs.


Keep your data and IT network safe

We take data security seriously and provide you with ISO-certified software that let’s you assign access & get audit trails.


Avoid vendor lock-in

With sufficient IT staff, opt for a hosted or on-premise installation for the most flexible, scalable environmental data management system on the market. Alternatively, let us provide you with a Software as a service (SaaS).

How it works

Our systems are designed to meet your needs today and into the future, giving you long-term sustainable data management and self-reliance.

All the while, we’re committed to your success from scoping your IT needs to providing customer and technical support.

Needs assessment & data census
System design
System installation & configuration
Testing & user training
Data migration (optional)
Go live with technical support

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