Meteorology & Climatology

Gain more control over your hydro-meteorological network when you centralize monitoring efforts with KISTERS. Comprehensive tools integrate both recorded and derived data from previously disparate observation stations. Management and evaluation of raster data can now be managed as conveniently as time series data.

Additional Benefits

  • Consolidate Diverse Types of Data
    continuous, discrete, equidistant or non-equidistant, time series, spatial, even images

  • Automate calculations on evaporation or snow melt during user-defined periods of time.
    Predefine functions enable accurate raster-to-raster and raster-to-point calculations.

  • Support continual improvements to science-based decisions
    Extensive configuration options allow users to display all steps within measuring, calculation and evaluation processes.


  • Customized KISTERS' hydromet solutions can include data acquisition tools to import data not commonly available at most stream flow and water level gauging stations: solar radiation, wind speed and direction, soil moisture, and snow water equivalent.

  • Calibrate raw observation sensor data with precise rainfall forecasts over a specific area. The raster data can also be used to generate time series for a specific critical location without installing a measuring station.

  • Further integrate your data with probabilistic (risk indicator) or deterministic (rainfall flow) models.

Use Case

The City of Nîmes (France) facilitates better management of flash flood risks due to heavy rain events. Its specific geographic location and climate can lead to high amounts of precipitation within a short time. Consequently high accuracy data with GIS and time series information is critical, in addition to proven analytical tools for fast calculation and forecasting.