Water / Wastewater

KISTERS optimizes the processes of data acquisition, administration, analysis, and operational reporting for water/wastewater treatment plant operators. Easily interfacing to existing SCADA and telemetry systems, our analytics platform provides superior graphical and tabular editing abilities in addition to reporting capabilities. It currently supports many municipalities and utilities with storm water runoff and CSO monitoring programs.

3 of the top 5 metropolitan areas in the United States rely on KISTERS' Water Solutions, which meet the demands of the U.S. Homeland Security -- Water Security Initiative.

However the popularity of the solution is growing significantly among cities and counties where subdivisions multiply and people keep moving in.

Growth requires a scalable solution and expertise only KISTERS can deliver to help identify water loss, monitor water quality (in your system as well as source waters), manage corrosion control, and institute operational improvements in non-revenue water efficiency and energy optimization.

Further deploy KISTERS' Utility Solutions for business intelligence (BI) analytics. Aging municipalities have much to gain. A water audit is more than filling out a spreadsheet. Understand what your data is telling you about your water system. Then, prioritize investments in meters, water quality and infrastructure.

Additional Benefits

  • Integrate revenue water asset management systems with non-revenue water process controls.
    Quickly spot deeper insights when water production and conservation data are graphed together. Easily identify anomalies that suggest where significant water loss is occurring. Share and compare data among departments to measure and determine the best ways to minimize losses and/or unaccountable water.

  • Pass validated, quality discharge data from your network to external models
    Further analysis supports drainage planning, system maintenance, and integrated water resources planning (IRWP/IRWM).

  • Estimate parameters (e.g. flows, pressures, tank levels, and water quality) when data loggers are unavailable.
    Monitoring devices may malfunction, and in other cases, installation of sensors to directly collect this information is not possible. For example, relying on pressure zoning can better control wear and tear on systems.

  • Predict system performance if SCADA data feeds go offline.

  • Control O&M costs by tracking field assets.
    Contain operations and maintenance costs by capturing extensive meta data (pictures, part serial numbers, inventory tags, and more) and monitoring if equipment is deployed, in repair, or warehoused.

  • Perform more in-depth analysis of weather events with radar precip data.
    High accuracy hydromet raster data supplies high precision rain/snowfall data over grids as small as one square mile (0.25 km2).

  • Combine KISTERS' powerhouse of time series capabilities with GIS data tools.
    Visualize the risk of flooding as you study the impact of topography and urban development on storm water runoff.

  • Avoid costly challenges and delays in scoping, implementation, training and support.
    Unlike other analytics and business intelligence developers, our water expertise recognizes the complexity of the water utility business which is not always well understood by computer software companies.


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Feel like you're drowning in data? Check out the Big Data page to see if your data collection procedures and growing database would benefit from a more distinct system architecture.

Quote from User

We are impressed with its outstanding graphing and calculating engines (yet) find it extremely easy to use. It has more than satisfied our needs. -- wastewater operations manager