Asset Tracker

Support more efficient operations and maintenance. Unlimited storage capacity within KISTERS' data platform allows users to track measuring devices, equipment, tools and even vehicles. No additional need to install or purchase additional software license(s).

  • Accurately conduct inventory at multiple locations.
    In addition to field notes from recent inspections, store photos and related documents such as manuals or invoices.

  • Trace QR codes, bar codes, or serial numbers as equipment is deployed from warehouses or repair shops to active monitoring sites.

  • Control O&M costs by tracking warranty dates.
    Conveniently trace purchase dates, delivery dates, installation dates, and warranty expiration dates for your assets and instruments. Document and address device failures and replace parts while the manufacturer and/or vendor guarantee is still in effect.

  • Compare sensors from the same manufacturer or sondes from different brands.
    Create asset groups based on manufacturer, installation date, functionality, etc. and compare results for yourself. Diagnostic reports from hardware pilot projects help reduce risk before you issue a costly purchase order for new ADVs, gauges, sensors or sondes.

  • Extend the useful life of the equipment.
    Better prepare for equipment failures and unplanned downtime. Reliable history and analysis of uptime data enables you to predict the effectiveness of equipment, proactively schedule repairs, and identify when replacement(s) are ordered.

  • More effectively deploy workforce to solve problems.
    Data management of assets and new smart devices reduces unnecessary time, cost and risk of field crew truck rolls. Ensure better knowledge transfer as veteran employees analyze diagnostic reports and show novice staff members how multiple factors come together for best maintenance practices.

The WISKI system manages this information as metadata, whether you manually enter data or automate import.

System administrators can assign limited user rights for data entry from the field by staff or volunteers. They can also query and export detailed logger reports that include date, time, users and notes.

Accurate inventory is essential to prevent theft, realize loss or damages, and ensures accurate data collection.

Asset Tracking in Action

Campbell Scientific Canada has leveraged its WISKI system to closely manage its hardware, including service trucks. The internationally recognized manufacturer of accurate and dependable measurement instruments closely trace its devices as they move from field to repair or even replacement.